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My Demon Teacher (Book #1)

Alex Cucumber:

I know this might sound crazy, but my teacher is seriously weird. And by weird, I mean off-the-charts strange. I mean, let’s not beat around the bush here—physically, he’s practically a model. Jet-black, curly hair that falls perfectly, lips that look like they belong on a romance novel cover, and a physique that could make a Greek god jealous. But that’s where the normalcy ends. There’s just something about him that sets my instincts on edge.

It’s like his eyes have a mind of their own, changing color depending on the light. And those teeth of his? They’re not your regular pearly whites; they’re razor sharp, like something out of a creature feature. I’m not one for mystical mumbo-jumbo, but it’s like he’s casting some sort of spell on me. And let’s be honest, I’m falling for it, falling for him. It’s like there’s an invisible chain linking us, tugging at my thoughts, making me want… well, I’m not entirely sure what.

So here I am, trying to figure out if I’m going insane or if there’s more to this teacher of mine than meets the eye. And the craziest part? I’m not sure if I want to uncover the truth or keep getting lost in those deep, captivating eyes.


Dante Nightshade:

He smells delicious.

Like a piece of delectable cake that I long to take a bite out of. Damn. This student of mine, who’s 2% away from a failing grade. I know he isn’t the brightest tool in the shed. But he’s all mine. Big doe eyes. Pink pale lips. Thick-rimmed glasses and so socially awkward even the other nerds cringe, but damn if he didn’t feel like mine. I shouldn’t want him. I’m here for a mission. Destroy the human race. Yet, Alex Cucumber calls to me. (Yes, I said cucumber). It’s a shame I’d crush him. Especially in my demon form. We are here for one reason only, to drive the human race to extinction.

Yet for him… I may need to rethink that plan.

I am the demon General after all.

My Demon Boss (Book #2)

Skylar Mason:

My boss is crazy. Yup, absolutely insane. Want to see your family? Forget it. Have an emergency? Just bleed out in the conference room. Calling in sick? You better be on your deathbed.

Yeah, that crazy. I haven’t seen my mom in months; in fact, I don’t even remember what she looks like. Ever since I started working at this law firm, my life has been in shambles. Things wouldn’t be so bad if my boss wasn’t scorching hot. He’s so hot my knees go weak whenever we’re in the same room. Too bad he’s crazy. A real shame. However, there is something very off about him. His nails are long. Too long. His eyes are rabid. And his teeth are abnormally sharp. Still, he’s hot. Things finally come to a head when one day he announces that I’m his. Things must be really bad if he hallucinated an entire relationship. I pity the guy. I really do. The stress must have gone to his head. Until he breaks into my apartment and then I realize he meant it!



Luciano Nightshade:

Humans are disgusting. Ugly pink creatures that I could easily break with a finger. No wonder they are such an inferior race. Still, in order for the demons to take over, we need to conceal ourselves. Blend in, so to speak. However… this human who is my subordinate seems different. Plump. Juicy, with black curly hair and piercing hazel eyes. I find myself wondering what he would taste like rather than focusing on the task. He’s mine. Deep down I know it. Demons are solitary creatures, but for him, I might just break that. Even if he doesn’t agree. Humans rarely know what’s good for them. So, I’ll take him. Willing or unwilling. It makes no difference to me.

I am the demon King after all.

Taking is what I live for.

My Demon Doctor (Book #3)

Hayden Riley:

I’m trapped in this hospital room, and let’s be real, my life’s become a Shakespearean tragedy. Chemo’s my new jam. If this round doesn’t give Death a run for its money, I might just hand-deliver myself to the pearly gates.

This hospital feels like home now. They should put my name on the door or something. But the real kicker? Dr. Dreamboat. Yeah, I’ve got my own personal model moonlighting as a doctor. I’m supposed to be battling sickness, not swooning every time he struts in. My IV should come with a “may cause heart palpitations” warning.

Let’s face it, my odds of making it are like a snowball’s chance in a sauna. I’ve accepted that. What gets me is missing out on one night of Netflix and chill with him (minus the Netflix). But hold up, just when I thought life couldn’t get crazier, I wake up to a creature that could give Freddy Krueger nightmares in the corner. And guess what? Dr. Drop-Dead claims he’s here to save me. All I’ve got to do is follow him to another dimension.

He’s oddly familiar, like the voice in a past life, but my gut’s doing the Macarena. So why not? I take the leap, ’cause if life’s a circus, I’m jumping into the lion’s den.


Damian Nightshade:

I shouldn’t save him. Humans aren’t meant to be saved. They’re meant to be crushed. Decimated. And that’s exactly what the demon race plans to do. Hayden is just so…pitiful. If I have to watch him choke down another round of chemo I’m going to crazy. Yet, something about him feels like home. He feels like mine. Luciano forbade demons from mating with humans, but Hayden is different. Special. I want him in the worst way possible. Brown curly hair, big soulful eyes. Everything about him calls to me. So, I take him. To the demon dimension. I want to save him.

Even if it means my death. I’m betrothed to the demon princess.

I can’t choose another, it could start a war.

Yet the closer I am to Hayden, the more I realize that I’m ready for one.

I am the demon prince after all.

Carnage is in my blood.

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