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Characters & Clans

House of Blackford

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Nathanial Blackford
  • Kristján Blackford
  • Anný Blackford
  • Silva Blackford
  • Elvar Blackford (Lord Elvar)



The Raven Claws

Location: Dalvík, Iceland

  • Theron Decimus
  • Hólmar Gabrielsson
  • Arthur Bentsson
  • Börkur Sigurgeirsson


House of Wilmer

Location: Dalvík, Iceland

  • Leónóra Hugleiksdóttir (Lady Leónóra)
  • Máni Andrésson
  • Leon Hringsson (Lord Leon)
  • Alla Manúelsdóttir
  • Vigtýr Magngeirsson
  • Abel Aríusarson
  • Hlíðberg Valdimarsson
  • Parmes Tímóteusarson
  • Daríus Brynmar Liamsson

The Ethereal Guardians

Location: Hornafirði (Höfn), Iceland

  • Loghlan Rushton
  • Eamon Corrin
  • Adam Orme
  • Finlo Gretehede
  • Reina Gorry



  • Zathos, God of the Stars
  • Hithar, God of Death
  • Bydos, God of the Mountain
  • Shomus, God of Beginning
  • Ikses, God of Winter
  • Addum, God of the Moon




  • Cephy, Goddess of the Sea
  • Yher, Goddess of Pleasure
  • Nimera, Goddess of Judgment
  • Dydea, Goddess of Love
  • Buhena, Goddess of Tricks




Class Structure

Jarls: the noble class. Consists of only humans.

Karls: magicians or mages, witches or warlocks

Skrælingjar: half-wolf, half-humans mixed breeds. Considered extremely rare.

Þrælar: wolves or wolf warlords, previously regarded as slaves

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