Mutual Delirium


Freak. Abomination. The words of his adoptive father stab him like a dagger to the heart. How can he hope to be anything more than what he already is?

There’s no escape. Zander must face the devil before he destroys everything he’s worked for. But who exactly is he fighting against?

The devil outside, a heartless killer that threatens to drag all of Zander’s secrets from the dark into the light.

Or the devil within, a scared young man transformed into an enigmatic creature, who’s above the law and plays it like a puppet.

This might be the answer to all his problems.

If only he could focus. If only he didn’t get sidetracked.

Too bad Vadim blurred the lines between friendship and love, muddying the waters until Zander was neck-deep in quicksand.

Under the weight of his love, Vadim might crush him to death.

And Zander would let him.

Warning: floral horror, novella, self-mutilation, with a HEA. 


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