Claw of Exile

Exiled, cursed, abandoned—these were the familiar companions of Ryu Suzuki. For years, he had roamed the unforgiving Outlands, relying solely on his Katana to ward off danger. Known as Kuroi Kage, the Black Shadow, he was a phantom Omega, an outcast from his pack, condemned to the treacherous abyss where any sign of vulnerability spelled doom.
Ryu had grown accustomed to this solitary existence, finding solace in his isolation. But everything changed when a devastating disease began to sweep through the land, threatening the lives of those he held dear. Reluctantly, he had no choice but to return to his long-abandoned pack, the Silvercrest Howlers, where he would once again come face-to-face with the very Alpha who had cast him out, the one they called the White Lotus: Micah McCorbyn.
Micah, his betrayer, and, shockingly, his destined mate.
Cold, calculating, and formidable, every aspect of Ryu’s life was under Micah’s strict control. Ryu’s hatred for Micah burned as fiercely as the sun.
As fate would have it, the pack’s laws demanded that Ryu assume the role of Micah’s second-in-command, despite his burning desire to defy him. With the pack embroiled in a raging war and the deadly disease spreading rapidly, time was running out. Reluctantly, the White Lotus and the Black Shadow found themselves at a crossroads, faced with the unthinkable choice of forging an uneasy truce and venturing into the depths of darkness together, all for the sake of survival. Will they be able to overcome their differences and save their pack, or will their past grudges tear them apart?

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