The Filthy Claws

Death. Destruction. Decay. 
The fate of the clans hangs in the balance as Ryu Suzuki faces the ultimate battle of his life. War is coming, and with it comes the looming threat of the Bloodhound Prince, a diabolical necromancer determined to destroy everything Ryu holds dear.
With enemies at every turn and the fate of the world resting on his shoulders, Ryu must confront his past and work alongside the man who destroyed his life, Micah McCorbyn, the White Lotus, and his mate.
But can Ryu set aside his hatred and anger for the greater good? Or will the thin line between enemy and mate lead to his downfall? With death, destruction, and decay lurking at every turn, Ryu must navigate treacherous alliances and confront his darkest fears to save the clans from certain doom. Will he rise to the occasion or fall to the Bloodhound Prince’s wrath?

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