The Face of the Wicked

They’re not friends.

Yuli knows a predator when he sees one. A wide smile, pink lips pulled over rabid teeth. The only time they talk is when he’s looking for something to quell the ache in his chest and between his legs.

It’s an easy agreement. Steady. Certainly not something long-term.

Yuli needs to get from one end of the city to the next. Hirata Kakuei, an orphan child he took to escape his ruthless cousin happened to be collateral damage.

They need to disappear, once and for all. No mistakes can be made.

And yet, here he is, making them. With the Yakuza on his heels, he can’t afford to slip up, lest they all end up dead.

Ren Hirokazu isn’t someone he should get entangled with. They’re too similar, each with the will of a dying tiger.

He’s too dangerous.

That explains why Yuli can’t get enough.

MM Romance, MM Literary Fiction, MM Dark Romance, MM Novella. Please read with caution.

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