Rage Unleashed: Wrecked

Damian Davino was losing control…
His obsession with Professor Sasha Petrovich has consumed him. Damian was so past the point of being ‘hot for teacher’ he was in a different stratosphere. Stuck as Sasha’s lowly TA he can’t catch a break until one day he finally snaps. No longer could he resist the urge to linger in his apartment, to inhale his scent, to leave his mark on everything he touched. His desire had turned dangerous. He wanted to possess Sasha completely, to wreck him, to eviscerate him.
As an alpha, Damian knew the rules. He was supposed to protect Sasha, not harm him. But the Barbaric Prowlers’ leader had broken every law and treaty for the omega. The taste of Sasha’s jasmine scent had driven Damian mad, and he was half-possessed by his deranged desire. He wanted to tear Sasha apart, to ravage him like a wolf devours its prey. This maddening infatuation had destroyed him, and Damian let it.
How far will Damian go to claim Sasha as his own? And what will happen when Sasha discovers the extent of Damian’s obsession?

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