Recapture the Sunlight

Ensnared. Trapped. Committed. 
What kind of nightmare had he stumbled into?
Richard Clayson was a walking paradox. A symbol of law and order, yet his mere presence aroused a wild and dangerous yearning in Beau. He never expected to find himself engaged to Richard.
But here they were.
As the Rebel Brotherhood threatened to tear their town apart, Richard’s loyalty was tested. His dedication to justice was unwavering, but what about his loyalty to Beau?
He could feel the darkness creeping in, threatening to consume them both. Death and danger were all around them.
Could they make it down the aisle?
The lines between good and evil blurred, and Beau couldn’t help but wonder if they were both in too deep.
Gone were the junkie and the wh*re.
In their place stood the Sheriff and the devil.
The question was, could they survive the reckoning that was coming for them?

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