The Bully without Shame


Drugs. War. All the things Javier fought to leave behind when he moved to New York. Yet, in the endless rain of blood, did he really believe he wouldn’t be drenched? The world is crumbling.

Miguel doesn’t belong to him anymore. Not this Miguel.

Cold. Unfeeling. A shell of his former self, demented and reformed into a ruthless drug dealer. Javier doesn’t know when things went so wrong.

He loved Miguel. So much. Enough to tear out his heart and offer it to him, to make up for the mistakes of the past. For the death he’s caused due to his own negligence.

The Gulf cartels are mobilizing and with it the rise of a new leader.

A man that once crushed Javier into dust. Andres Lopez.

How can Javier move on with a leash around his neck? The reality is, that he can’t.

Dragged back to Florida, Javier must face his past and his future.

He was a rabbit raised by wolves.

But he’s been with them for so long, he’s learned to howl.

Warning: Novella, gang wars, deals with sex addiction, mental illness, grief trauma, implied sexual assault, and substance abuse with a HEA.


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