The Bully without Shame

Miguel is gone, replaced by a heartless drug lord… 
Javier is lost, unable to comprehend how it all went so wrong. He loved Miguel with all his heart, but now he’s lost him to the darkness.
The Gulf cartels are mobilizing and a new leader is rising, one who once crushed Javier into dust.
Andres Lopez has returned, and Javier is caught in the crosshairs. With a leash around his neck, he is dragged back to Florida to face his past and future. 
And the all-consuming guilt for failing Miguel, for not being there when he needed him the most.
But now, he has to face the harsh reality of what Miguel has become. Can he break free from the leash that binds him to the wolves? Or will he be dragged back into the violence and chaos of his former life?

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