Claw of Vengeance

Resentment. The black shadows curl around him like a familiar cloak. Ryu doesn’t know where to go from here. Everything is destroyed—his clan, his life.
All of it is gone.
Ryu is stuck wading through the muddy waters of despair and hopelessness. With anger boiling so hot and heavy he almost suffocates. There is nowhere to go from here.
The Filthy Claws clan is in ruins, the Silvercrest Howlers are captive. What little they have left is stripped by the Bloodhound Prince, like a vulture picking at bones.
A darkness brews.
Vengeance is the only answer.
Can Micah pull him back into the light? Or will Ryu become what he hates the most?

Warning: graphic violence, mentions of past sexual assault, gore. Please be advised.

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