Claw of Vengeance

Hatred. Resentment. Betrayal.
Ryu Suzuki is drowning in animosity, bitterness, and treachery. His life is nothing but a shattered mess. The Filthy Claws and Silvercrest Howlers, are both destroyed, leaving Ryu with nothing but anger and despair. The Bloodhound Prince looms over them, spreading the Lycan disease like wildfire.
It’s a dark time, and darkness brews. Ryu wants revenge, but he’s lost his way.
Will Micah, the White Lotus, be able to save him from his own darkness, or will Ryu succumb to the very thing he hates the most? The stakes are higher than ever as the fate of the clans hangs in the balance. The battle ahead is vicious, and the enemy is formidable.
Can Ryu and Micah overcome their hatred and work together to save their people, or will their mutual animosity be their downfall?
The line between light and dark has never been thinner, and the consequences have never been deadlier.

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