Warlord of the Titans

Omega Kristján Black’s life is about to take a dark and dangerous turn… 
When his cousin’s debt is called, Kristján is sold off like a piece of meat to the highest bidder, a ruthless warlord named Theron Decimus. 
Stripped of his identity and thrown into a world of violence and savagery, Kristján knows that his life is now in the hands of a brutal man who hates his kind. Half-human, half-wolf, Kristján doesn’t belong in this world, much less as a slave to a man like Theron.
Theron is a man who enjoys nothing more than crushing those beneath him, especially skrælingjar like Kristján. As an advisor to the King of the Titans, Theron is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants now is Kristján. But Kristján is not so easily broken, and he finds himself drawn to the dangerous and devastating Theron, even as he fights against him.
As Kristján struggles to resist the brutal attraction between them, he knows that his life is on the line. Will he be able to survive in a world of lust, greed, and savagery? Or will Theron crush him beneath his ruthless heel?

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